Annoying Orange in Lavender Town is an episode of the Annoying Orange Adventure Series.


Annoying Orange and his friends decide to visit Lavender Town. When they arrive, Orange complains about the music, which is giving him a headache. Rarity tells him to stop complaining. Mandy then asks them if they hear weird frequences, which most of them reply no. But Finn hears it too. Mordecai assumes they're just trying to scare them. Later, Orange says that the music is getting louder, and Mandy says the frequences are saying a message, Get out. Get out. GET OUT. They all start to become scared. Then suddenly they hear a screaming noise. They find out it is Orange, who gets sliced by the knife. Grim tells them they have to leave now before something more terrible happens. But it is to late, a Pear gets sliced too. They escape the town by Twilight teleporting them out. They vow never to visit Lavender Town again.


  • They might have been experiencing Lavender Town Syndrome.
  • It is rumored Lavender Town is cursed.