Annoying Orange's Adventures in Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure Poster

The first adventure in the Annoying Orange's Adventures Series a ripoff of billy and mandy's big boogie adventure, Annoying Orange and pals team up with Billy, Mandy, Irwin and Grim as they try to save Endville from a future rule by the Boogey Man. This appeared on YouTube on 8-21-2012


Once upon a time in Mushroom Kingdom Mordecai broke up with Margret meanwhile a sayin named Goku told his friend Mandy about the Iblis Trigger who trigered Iblis to destroy the world. Goku, Mandy, Billy and Grim travel to Dreamland to find the Ibis Trigger. Meanwhile the annoying orange got eaten by the abomidable snowman. Then Goku and his friends find the Iblis Trigger, Sonic. Goku goes super but Sonic goes super too, then it causes a time paradox into a world where Annoying Orange is the ruler and 2 tributes from each District must participate in the Orange Games. The tributes are Pear, Thomas the train, Steve from Blue's Clues, Sonic, Zim, Harry Potter, Barbra striesand, Gohan, Gumball, Hatsune Miku, Bowser and Naruto. They fight but they dont die they go to the Shadow realm. Thomas doesnt want to fight Hatsune Miku cause their in love but suddenly they were saved by Zelda! "It is your destiny to find the 7 Dragonballs to save the galaxy." she told them but Orange said. "NO!" so Mordecai did a kamahameha at him and turned him to orange juice. Then they went to go find the seven dragonballs they find them and they wish for everything to go back to normal. It did. Harry Potter asked to marry Margaret and she said yes. They got married. Then Mordecai was sad then he married Midna.